Curatorial statement

Sylvia Grassi – Art Curator

about painting EXPECTATION, oil, collage on canvas, 110×130, 2018
presented during Milan Biennial of Art 2017 in M.A.D. Gallery (Milan, Italy)


The artist, once again, put into the foreground of this painting a subject dear to her: the woman and her natural emotional fragility.

The female figure, outlined by few shady lines, is inserted in this abstract landscape, with a flat background and grey sky: an ancient portico with a 60s pop style floor. The clear lines and the strong colors of the background don’t distract the observer, they actually help focus on the female in the foreground: the graphic lines emphasize the almost trembling line by which the figure is defined. The choice of the watercolors for the female figure is very effective because they allow a well-evident definition of the shadows, which describe the mood completely, especially on the face.
So, who is the protagonist at the center of all the attentions? Who is she?
A sad, naked woman, eyes down and lost glance.
As suggested by the title of the work, she should be waiting, but waiting for what? Someone or something?


The nakedness of her body expresses the best her fragility. Her waiting seems the one of someone who, helplessly and fragilly, waits for answers and certainties. As we all do, she is lost in a thousand thoughts that inevitably make her sad and worried and detached from reality: so we both enter in another world, maybe the abstract one represented here by the artist.

The artist creates then a parallel bond between the figure of the woman and the just blossomed yellow flower, which climbs up and almost seems to struggle to get to the top: the joy and the light of blossomed nature against the melancholy and the shadow of a discouraged human.