Art Statement

Painting is a journey into myself. I especially explore the issue of presenting the image of a woman. I gave up clothes and other accessories as external symbols of today’s times. I decided to paint nude, treating the naked body as a universal sign of truth and using it as a symbol of timelessness. At the same time, I started a dialogue with the problem of using nudity and its objectification in the contemporary world. Trying to oppose contemporary dazzling nudity, I focused on emphasizing the beauty of the female body and its metaphysical power to give life.

The female nude is one of the oldest representations in art. For me, it is a pretext to reflect on universal issues that the artist faces over and over again. Especially the female artist, so sparsely represented in art over the centuries. My work has become a way to get to know myself and to translate into the language of painting the feeling of fear and fundamental questions about the existence of mankind, especially women, and a kind of meditation and release.